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Class information

Nycha Dance studio is a place to have fun and achieve on many different levels. In all classes we have a syllabus that focuses on the following:

Along with working on character development that helps to reinforce the value of, team work, confidence building, and independent thinking.

Classes are taught with a disciplined structure but we allow flexibility to allow for creativity and individuality to emerge from each student. At NDC we believe flexibility is important to build a realistic relationship with our students and it allows for a faster development in dance technique. Rather than limiting each student through a grading system (that does not recognise unique qualities in each student).

Therefore we do not provide accredited examinations but each student is monitored and evaluated on a more personally focused approach. This mean we are a performance specialist in that we create opportunities for students to use their skills in realistic setting like shows, events and for older students, teaching experiences. We encourage participation by focusing on the arts as a whole

A prime example for this is that we allow students to make choreographic suggestion during workshops this way they are challenging their own abilities and it gives the class as a whole a lesson that reflects on the personalities of each member thus building strong individuals as people and as performers of dance.